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Late Shri H .D. Pitkar Memorial training Center:

The delegates were divided into groups with each table seating 3 delegates & one table instructor. Thereafter, the delegates were guided step by step through a video presentation to make them aware about various parts of Orth-suv, feature of each part, how the struts are distracted, how the frame is assembled, how the frame can be used for fracture reduction, as well as, acute deformity correction & how the frame can be used for gradual correction of correcting deformity.

Thereafter, the delegates were guided step by step through Ortho-suv software by the faculty. This was followed by hands on four workshops on bone models for correction of deformities using Ortho-suv Frame & its software. The delegates were also made to work on Ortho-suv software on two actual X ray cases.

The session concluded at 5.00 Pm on 23rd March with a short presentations about tips & tricks to be kept in mind while using Ortho-suv Frame.

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